Students’ perceived sociomathematical norms

Esther Levenson, Dina Tirosh and Pessia Tsamir (all from Tel Aviv University in Israel) have written an article that was recently published in The Journal of Mathematical Behavior. The article is entitled Students’ perceived sociomathematical norms: The missing paradigm. Here is the article abstract:

This study proposes a framework for research which takes into account three aspects of sociomathematical norms: teachers’ endorsed norms, teachers’ and students’ enacted norms, and students’ perceived norms. We investigate these aspects of sociomathematical norms in two elementary school classrooms in relation to mathematically based and practically based explanations. Results indicate that even when the observed enacted norms are in agreement with the teachers’ endorsed norms, the students may not perceive these same norms. These results highlight the need to consider the students’ perspective when investigating sociomathematical norms.

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