Semi-virtual seminar in mathematics education

Matthias Ludwig, Wolfgang Müller and Binyan Xu have written an article about A Sino-German semi-virtual seminar in mathematics education. The article was recently published in ZDM. Here is the abstract of their article:

In summer 2006 the University of Education in Weingarten, Germany, and East China Normal University, Shanghai, performed a semi-virtual seminar with mathematics students on “Mathematics and Architecture”. The goal was the joint development of teaching materials for German or Chinese school, based on different buildings such as “Nanpu Bridge”, or the “Eiffel Tower”. The purpose of the seminar was to provide a learning environment for students supported by using information and communication technology (ICT) to understand how the hidden mathematics in buildings should be related to school mathematics; to experience the multicultural potential of the international language “Mathematics”; to develop “media competence” while communicating with others and using technologies in mathematics education; and to recognize the differences in teaching mathematics between the two cultures. In this paper we will present our ideas, experiences and results from the seminar.