Playing with representations

Tom Satwicz and Reed Stevens have written an article called Playing with Representations: How Do Kids Make Use of Quantitative Representations in Video Games? The article was published online in International Journal of Computers for Mathematical Learning on Tuesday. Here is a copy of the abstract of their article:

This paper describes the use of quantities in video games by young people as part of a broader effort to understand thinking and learning across naturally occurring contexts of activity. Our approach to investigating the use of quantities in game play is ethnographic; we have followed eight children over a six-month period as they play their own games at home. The data set is composed of video recordings and artifact-based interviews. The concept of disciplined perception is used to understand how quantities are coordinated during game play. The current study shows young people using quantities in games to make predictions and organize their actions based on those predictions. Some ideas based on the study’s findings for using video games in school are discussed.