Teaching Statistics, May 2008

The May issue of Teaching Statistics has arrived. This is not a journal I have followed in the past, I must admit, but there are some interesting articles in this issue. One article is entitled: “Inspired by Statistics?” The introduction to the article at least made me think:

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘statistics’?

reading any further, give an instant view on how statistics makes you
feel and how your learners may feel. Why do you think the way you do
about statistics?

The article goes on to discuss views on statistics, before the author describes one of her favorite tasks about Minard’s map (a famous combined map, graph and chart that documents the losses suffered
by Napoleon’s army in his disastrous Russian campaign of 1812
). She describes the way she planned and worked with this task in her teaching, and then finishes off with a discussion about inspiration for future tasks.

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