Teaching and learning proof

Yesterday, NCETM (the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics) hosted an online panel discussion concerning the teaching and learning of proof. The main issues of the debate was:

  • How do you teach proof?
  • What place do you think proof has in the mathematics curriculum?
  • At what age should proof be introduced to learners and how?

The following three articles are available online to accompany the discussion:

  • Article 1: Students’ Views of Proof, Celia Hoyles and Lulu Healy, Mathematics in School Issue 3 May 1999, published by The Mathematical Association;
  • Article 2: Interpreting the Mathematics Curriculum: Developing reasoning through algebra and geometry, published by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, 2004;
  • Article 3: Teaching Pythagoras’ Theorem, Paul Chambers, Mathematics in Schools Issue 4 1999, published by The Mathematical Association.

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