YERME Summer School

This week, the 4th version of YERME Summer School (YESS-4) is organized in Turkey. The venue for the summer school is Karadeniz Technical University in Trabzon, near the Black Sea. KTU is a public research university with 30.000 students. There are about 40 master and PhD-students in mathematics education.

The summer school has a very interesting program, and although I am not able to attend it myself, I will try and cover it in my blog.

YESS-4 features a panel of distinguished experts, who will deliver the main lectures:

  • Prof.Dr. Guershon Harel, University of California (USA)
  • Prof.Dr. Linda Brown, University of Bristol (England)
  • Prof.Dr. Jean-Baptiste Lagrange, IUFM De Reims Paris VII University (France)
  • Prof.Dr. Günter Törner, Universität Duisburg-Essen Standort (Germany)
  • Prof.Dr. Ferdinando Arzarello, Università di Torino (Italy)

These experts will be leading the five working groups throughout the week.

The opening talk will be held this afternoon by Barbara Jaworski.


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