Online geometry resources

This is not something directly related to research in mathematics education, but it is surely related to mathematics education, and I find it so interesting that I wanted to post it anyway!

Dan Meyer is a high-school mathematics teacher from Santa Cruz, California. He recently decided to put his entire Geometry curriculum online. This includes every lesson plan, every handout, more than 2000 slides (in Keynote, Powerpoint and PDF) … everything from an entire year of geometry teaching! Everything is nicely ordered for the web, so that you can follow his plans from week 1 to week 38.

In my view, as a researcher and mathematics educator, this is an exemplary action! I know, there might be several teachers out there who are going to copy his ideas, and that is okay. On the other side, this provides a very nice insight into one teacher’s ideas and thinking, and being able to follow a course for an entire year like this is an excellent opportunity for a researcher as well. I only wish more teachers would follow up what Dan has done, because I think this provides an excellent example of how our “new” technologies can be used to improve our teaching profession!

I am still thinking about how I could make use of this as a researcher, and if you have ideas concerning this, please post a comment below!

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