International Handbook of Research on Teachers and Teaching

Springer has published a new and interesting book: International Handbook of Research on Teachers and Teaching. This handbook has been edited by Lawrence J. Saha and A. Gary Dworkin, and it is a huge book of 1200 pages. Although the book is concerned with research on teachers and teaching in general, it should be interesting to researchers within the field of mathematics education as well. It also contains a chapter that is concerned with mathematics teaching in particular. Here is a copy of the publisher’s info about the book:

  • This book takes into account new research on both teachers and the nature of teaching
  • Includes over 70 completely new and original articles covering many aspects of what we know about the teaching profession and about classroom teaching
  • Treats teachers and teaching from a comparative perspective, highlighting similarities and differences across countries
  • Addresses the role of culture in understanding variations in teaching practices
  • Discusses both the changing levels of accountability for teachers and its effects

The International Handbook of Research on Teachers and Teaching provides a fresh look at the ever changing nature of the teaching profession throughout the world. This collection of over 70 original articles addresses a wide range of issues that are relevant for understanding the present educational climate in which the accountability of teachers and the standardized testing of students have become dominant.

The international collection of authors brings to the handbook a breadth of knowledge and experience about the teaching profession and a wealth of material across a number of comparative dimensions, such as between developed and developing countries and between Eastern and Western cultures. In addition, many articles address the emerging challenges to education and to the lives of teachers which are brought about by the globalization trends of the 21st Century.

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