Teachers’ metacognitive behavior in problem solving

Mathematics education research appears to be blooming in Turkey, at least this is my personal impression about the seemingly increasing number of articles that are published by Turkish researchers. Handan Demircioğlu , Ziya Argün  and Safure Bulut have written an article about A case study: assessment of preservice secondary mathematics teachers’ metacognitive behaviour in the problem-solving process, and this article was recently published online in ZDM. The article reports from one of many studies on problem solving in Turkey, but when the other studies have focused on issues related to beliefs, problem solving strategies, etc., this one has a focus on the teachers’ metacognition. Here is the abstract of their article:

The purpose of the present study was to investigate preservice secondary mathematics teachers’ metacognitive behaviour in the mathematical problem-solving process. The case study methodology was employed with six preservice mathematics teachers, enrolled at one university in Ankara, Turkey. We collected data by using the think aloud method, which lasted for two sessions. It was found that there was no relationship between academic achievement and frequencies of metacognitive behaviour. However, the types of problems could affect these frequencies. Furthermore, there was no pattern in metacognitive behaviour with respect to achievement and type of problem.

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