2011 Annual Meeting of AERA

Unfortunately, I am not able to go to the annual meeting this year either, but I plan on following the conference online! The 2011 Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association is held in New Orleans. As usual, there are lots of interesting sessions, and although it is a conference for educational research in general, there is a number of sessions related to mathematics as well! For an overview, take a look at the conference program. According to the program, there are 45 sessions with “mathematics” in the title this year, and no less than 349 papers include the word “mathematics” in the title! (Try searching the online program to find more!)

In addition to the ordinary “phone book” (print version of the program), they have created a very nice mobile application this year. I have downloaded and tried the iPhone version, and it makes me wish I was there 🙂

The welcome screen on the iPhone app

Above is a snapshot of the welcome screen on the iPhone app. Below is the short description of the poster session that my good colleague Dicky Ng is presenting. Minsung Kwon and I have co-authored the poster. 

If you are in New Orleans, make sure to pop by the poster presentation on Sunday and tell Dicky I said hi! Details of our poster presentation can be found in the online program (direct link here).

If you want to follow the conference online like I do, you might want to check out the #AERA on twitter! So, to all my colleagues in New Orleans: enjoy the conference, and make sure you keep us updated!

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