New perspectives on the didactic triangle

A new and very exciting (I know, I say that a lot! But many new publications are exciting to me…) issue of ZDM was resently published. This issue (Volume 44, Number 5) is a special issue on: “New Perspectives on the Didactic Triangle: Teacher-Student-Content”. The issue has been guest edited by my friends and colleagues: Professor Simon Goodchild (University of Agder) and Professor Bharath Sriraman (University of Montana). They also wrote the editorial/first article in this special issue, and it has been entitled: Revisiting the didactic triangle: from the particular to the general. The authors of the other articles in the issue is a great mixture of really big names and some younger researchers (upcoming stars if you want) in our field. Here is a complete list of articles and authors in this issue of ZDM, with direct link to the original articles for your convenience:

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