Mathematics teachers’ reflections about experienced tasks of teaching

Reidar Mosvold has co-authored a peer-reviewed article together with Marianne Maugesten and Janne Fauskanger, which is about to be published in Acta Didactica Norden. The article is written in Norwegian, but an English abstract follows below, along with citation information.

Teaching requires a special content knowledge as well as pedagogical content knowledge. Whereas many studies have investigated the knowledge teachers have or use in teaching, this study investigates what mathematical tasks of teaching that are in focus when teachers reflect on their own mathematics teaching, and what aspects of the professional knowledge base they draw upon. The second grade teachers in this study reflect on several core tasks of teaching mathematics, but their reflections tend to have an unclear mathematical focus — even when they reflect upon tasks of teaching that require specialized content knowledge. The results from this study also indicate that the language teachers use to reflect on their own mathematics teaching tends to lack precision and rigor.

Link to article:


Maugesten, M., Mosvold , R., & Fauskanger , J. (2021). Matematikklæreres refleksjoner om egne undervisningsutfordringer. Acta Didactica Norden15(1).

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