TMME – January 2008

The first issue of The Montana Mathematics Enthusiast this year includes a forum for “ethics and values in mathematics, teaching and learning”. There are also a number of interesting feature articles:


9. Murad Jurdak (Lebanon)
The Action Map as a Tool for Assessing Situated Mathematical Problem Solving Performance pp.67-78

10. M.K Akinsola (Botswana)
Relationship of some psychological variables in predicting problem solving ability of in-service mathematics teachers pp.79-100

11. Kristin Umland (New Mexico, USA)
A reflection on mathematical cognition: how far have we come and where are we going? pp.101-116

12. Yuichi Handa (California, USA)
Reflections upon Teaching a Poorly-Conceived Lesson pp.117-124

13. Jaehoon Yim, Sanghun Song, Jiwon Kim (South Korea)
Mathematically gifted elementary students’ revisiting of Euler’s polyhedron theorem pp.125-142


14. David M. Davison and Johanna E. Mitchell (Montana, USA)
How is Mathematics Education Philosophy Reflected in the Math Wars? pp.143-154

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