NCME Annual Meeting

Yesterday, NCME (National Council on Measurement in Education) started their annual meeting. NCME’s mission is among other things to “Advance the science of measurement in the field of education”, so the focus is not on mathematics education solely. There are, however several presentations that deal with mathematics in the program. Here are the ones that I could find:

  • Shelley Ragland, James Madison University, Christina Schneider, CTB/McGraw- Hill, Ching Ching Yap, University of South Carolina, Pamela Kaliski, James Madison University: The Effect of Classroom Assessment Professional Development on English Language Arts and Mathematics Student Achievement: Year 2 Results
  • Carol Parke, Duquesne University, Gibbs Kanyongo, Duquesne University, Steven Kachmar, Duquesne University: Examining Relationships among Large-Scale Mathematics Assessment Performance, Grade Point Average, and Coursework in Urban High Schools
  • Michelle Boyer, CTB/McGraw-Hill, Enrique Froemel, Office of Student Assessment, Evaluation Institute, Supreme Education Council, State of Qatar, Richard Schwarz, CTB/McGraw-Hill: Obtaining Comparable Scores for Arabic and English Tests of Mathematics and Science Administered under the Qatar Comprehensive Educational Assessment Program
  • Catherine Taylor, University of Washington, Yoonsun Lee, Washington State Department of Education: Analyses of Gender DIF in Reading and Mathematics Items from Tests with Mixed Item Formats
  • Saw Lan Ong, Universiti Sains Malaysia: Effects of Test Language on Students’ Mathematics Performance
  • Bryce Pride, University of South Florida, Yi-Hsin Chen, University of South Florida, Teresa Chavez, University of South Florida, Corina Owens, University of South Florida, Yuh-Chyn Leu, National Taipei University of Education: An Exploration of Cognitive Skills and Knowledge underlying the TIMSS-2003 Fourth Grade Mathematics Items
  • Richard Sudweeks, Brigham Young University, Maria Assunta Forgione, Brigham Young University, Robert Bullough, Brigham Young University, Damon Bahr, Brigham Young University, Eula Monroe, Brigham Young University, Scott Thayn, Brigham Young University: Constructing Vertically Scaled Mathematics Tests for Tracking Student Growth in Value-Added Studies of Teacher Effectiveness
  • Samantha Burg, Metametrics, Inc.: An Investigation of Dimensionality across Grade Levels for Grades 3-8 Mathematics Achievement Tests

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