AERA 2008 – Annual meeting

Yesterday, the 2008 annual meeting of AERA started. Although this is not only a mathematics education conference, it has a lot of interesting presentations for our field as well. A brief search through the searchable program gave 353 hits on individual presentations with the word “math” in the title. There are also several paper sessions with themes related to mathematics education. Today, for instance, there is a session entitled “Addressing Mathematics Education in Special Education“, which has the following participants:

Beyond Either/Or: Enhancing the Computation and Problem-Solving Skills of Low-Achieving Adolescents

*Brian A. Bottge (University of Kentucky), Jorge Enrique Rueda-Sarmiento (University of Wisconsin – Madison), Ana C. Stephens (University of Wisconsin – Madison)

Calculators, Friend or Foe? Calculators as Assessment Accommodations for Students With Disabilities

*Emily C. Bouck (Purdue University)

Interventions to Enhance Math Problem Solving and Number Combinations Fluency for Third-Grade Students With Math Difficulties: A Field-Based Randomized Control Trial

*Lynn S. Fuchs (Vanderbilt University), *Sarah Rannells Powell (Vanderbilt University), *Pamela M. Seethaler (Vanderbilt University), *Rebecca O’Rand Zumeta (Vanderbilt University), Douglas Fuchs (Vanderbilt University)

The Effects of Conceptual Model-Based Instruction on Solving Word-Problems With Various Contexts: “Transfer in Pieces”

*Yanping Xin (Purdue University), *Dake Zhang (Perdue University)

The Effects of Two Manipulative Devices on Hundreds Place-Value Instruction

*Amy Scheuermann (Bowling Green State Univeristy)

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