Two new ZDM articles

Last week, two new articles were published online in ZDM as well:

  • Building a local conceptual framework for epistemic actions in a modelling environment with experiments by Stefan Halverscheid. Abstract: A local conceptual framework for the construction of mathematical knowledge in learning environments with experiments is developed. For this purpose, the mathematical modelling framework and the epistemic action model for abstraction in context are used simultaneously. In a case study, experiments of pre-service teachers with the motion of a ball on a circular billiard table are analysed within the local conceptual framework. The role of the experiments for epistemic actions of mathematical abstractions is described. In the case study, two different types of students’ approaches to the role of experiments can be distinguished.
  • Indirect proof: what is specific to this way of proving? by Samuele Antonini and Maria Alessandra Mariotti. Abstract: The study presented in this paper is part of a wide research project concerning indirect proofs. Starting from the notion of mathematical theorem as the unity of a statement, a proof and a theory, a structural analysis of indirect proofs has been carried out. Such analysis leads to the production of a model to be used in the observation, analysis and interpretation of cognitive and didactical issues related to indirect proofs and indirect argumentations. Through the analysis of exemplar protocols, the paper discusses cognitive processes, outlining cognitive and didactical aspects of students’ difficulties with this way of proving.

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