TMME, July 2008

The Montana Mathematics Enthusiast has just published a combined number 2&3. This large issue is filled with content. Here is the list of featured articles:

1. Jeff Babb & James Currie(Canada)
The Brachistochrone Problem: Mathematics for a Broad Audience via a Large Context

2. Michael Fried (Israel)
History of Mathematics in Mathematics Education: a Saussurean Perspective

3. Spyros Glenis (Greece)
Comparison of Geometric Figures

4. Giorgio T. Bagni (Italy)
“Obeying a rule”: Ludwig Wittgenstein and the foundations of Set Theory

5. Arnaud Mayrargue (France)
How can science history contribute to the development of new proposals in the teaching of the notion of derivatives?

6. Antti Viholainen (Finland)
Incoherence of a concept image and erroneous conclusions in the case of differentiability

7. Dores Ferreira & Pedro Palhares (Portugal)
Chess and problem solving involving patterns

8. Friðrik Diego & Kristín Halla Jónsdóttir (Iceland)
Associative Operations on a Three-Element Set

9. Jon Warwick (UK)
A Case Study Using Soft Systems Methodology in the Evolution of a Mathematics Module

10. Barbara Garii & Lillian Okumu (New York, USA)
Mathematics and the World: What do Teachers Recognize as Mathematics in Real World Practice?

11. Linda Martin & Kristin Umland (New Mexico, USA)
Mathematics for Middle School Teachers: Choices, Successes, and Challenges

12. Woong Lim (Texas, USA)
Inverses – why we teach and why we need talk more about it more often!

13. Steve Humble (UK)
Magic Math Cards

The issue also contains a couple of articles on logarithms in a historical perspective, a large section of articles with reactions on the report of the National Mathematics Advisory Panel, etc.

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