ZDM, August 2008

The August issue of ZDM is available, and it has a special focus on “Didactical and Epistemological Perspectives on Mathematical Proof”. This issue contains 14 articles:

  1. Introduction to the special issue on didactical and epistemological perspectives on mathematical proof, by Maria Alessandra Mariotti and Nicolas Balacheff
  2. Proofs as bearers of mathematical knowledge, by Gila Hanna and Ed Barbeau
  3. Proof as a practice of mathematical pursuit in a cultural, socio-political and intellectual context, Man-Keung Siu
  4. Theorems that admit exceptions, including a remark on Toulmin, by Hans Niels Jahnke
  5. Truth versus validity in mathematical proof, by Viviane Durand-Guerrier
  6. Argumentation and algebraic proof, by Bettina Pedemonte
  7. Indirect proof: what is specific to this way of proving?, by Samuele Antonini and Maria Alessandra Mariotti
  8. Students’ encounter with proof: the condition of transparency, by Kirsti Hemmi
  9. A method for revealing structures of argumentations in classroom proving processes, by Christine Knipping
  10. Strategies to foster students’ competencies in constructing multi-steps geometric proofs: teaching experiments in Taiwan and Germany, by Aiso Heinze, Ying-Hao Cheng, Stefan Ufer, Fou-Lai Lin and Kristina Reiss
  11. Reasoning and proof in geometry: effects of a learning environment based on heuristic worked-out examples, by Kristina Maria Reiss, Aiso Heinze, Alexander Renkl and Christian Groß
  12. When, how, and why prove theorems? A methodology for studying the perspective of geometry teachers, by Patricio Herbst and Takeshi Miyakawa
  13. DNR perspective on mathematics curriculum and instruction, Part I: focus on proving, by Guershon Harel
  14. The role of the researcher’s epistemology in mathematics education: an essay on the case of proof, by Nicolas Balacheff

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