Learning community of problem solvers

Viktor Freiman and Nicole Lirette-Pitre have written an article entitled Building a virtual learning community of problem solvers: example of CASMI community that was recently published online in ZDM. Here is the article abstract:

Virtual multidisciplinary learning communities can become an important resource helping school teachers and students to foster a culture of communication, problem solving, and technology integration. Not only does the community concept virtually enlarge the mathematical learning space, it also opens several innovative ways to connect mathematics to other subjects, namely science and language arts. This article reflects on theoretical foundations of the new interactive virtual science and mathematics learning community, CASMI, as well as the first results of its implementation. The process of designing, enacting, and analyzing virtual problem solving communities, their technological, pedagogical and social aspects as a common ground for integrating mathematical, science and reading literacy into classroom practice and pre-service teacher training in an innovative and efficient way will be discussed.

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