Chinese teachers’ knowledge

Yeping Li and Rongjin Huang have written an article called Chinese elementary mathematics teachers’ knowledge in mathematics and pedagogy for teaching: the case of fraction division. The article was published online in ZDM on Wednesday. Here is the abstract of the article:

In this study, we investigated the extent of knowledge in mathematics and pedagogy that Chinese practicing elementary mathematics teachers have and what changes teaching experience may bring to their knowledge. With a sample of 18 mathematics teachers from two elementary schools, we focused on both practicing teachers’ beliefs and perceptions about their own knowledge in mathematics and pedagogy and the extent of their knowledge on the topic of fraction division. The results revealed a gap between these teachers’ limited knowledge about the curriculum they teach and their solid mathematics knowledge for teaching, as an example, fraction division. Moreover, senior teachers used more diverse strategies that are concrete in nature than junior teachers in providing procedural justifications. The results suggested that Chinese practicing teachers benefit from teaching and in-service professional development for the improvement of their mathematics knowledge for teaching but not their knowledge about mathematics

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