Documentation systems

Ghislaine Gueudet and Luc Trouche have written an article about mathematics teachers’ documentation work. The article is called Towards new documentation systems for mathematics teachers? In my Master thesis, I wrote about genesis principles – in particular historical genesis (the use of history of mathematics in an indirect approach) – and Gueudet and Trouche introduce the concept of “documentational genesis” which I find interesting! The article was published online in Educational Studies in Mathematics a couple of days ago. Here is the abstract of their article:

We study in this article mathematics teachers’ documentation work: looking for resources, selecting/designing mathematical tasks, planning their succession, managing available artifacts, etc. We consider that this documentation work is at the core of teachers’ professional activity and professional development. We introduce a distinction between available resources and documents developed by teachers through a documentational genesis process, in a perspective inspired by the instrumental approach. Throughout their documentation work, teachers develop documentation systems, and the digitizing of resources entails evolutions of these systems. The approach we propose aims at seizing these evolutions, and more generally at studying teachers’ professional change.

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