Embodied multi-modal communication

Julian Williams from University of Manchester (UK) has written an article entitled Embodied multi-modal communication from the perspective of activity theory. This article was published online in Educational Studies in Mathematics last week. Here is the abstract of the article:

I begin by appreciating the contributions in the volume that indirectly and directly address the questions: Why do gestures and embodiment matter to mathematics education, what has understanding of these achieved and what might they achieve? I argue, however, that understanding gestures can in general only play an important role in ‘grasping’ the meaning of mathematics if the whole object-orientated ‘activity’ is taken into account in our perspective, and give examples from my own work and from this Special Issue. Finally, I put forward the notion of a ‘threshold’ moment, where seeing and grasping at the nexus of two or more activities often seem to be critical to breakthroughs in learning.

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