Online resources in mathematics

Laetitia Bueno-Ravel and Ghislaine Gueudet have written an article that was recently published in International Journal of Computers for Mathematical Learning. The article provides some interesting perspectives on issues that should be relevant to most mathematics teachers: Online Resources in Mathematics, Teachers’ Geneses and Didactical Techniques. The examples provided in their article is related to a particular electronic resource called (in French) “Mathenpoche” (or “Maths in the pocket”). Here is the abstract of their article:

The study we present here concerns the consequences of integrating online resources into the teaching of mathematics. We focus on the interaction between teachers and specific online resources they draw on: e-exercise bases. We propose a theoretical approach to study the associated phenomena, combining instrumental and anthropological perspectives. For given didactical tasks, we observe teachers’ instrumental geneses, and the didactical techniques they develop. We exemplify our approach with the analysis of a case study of trigonometry in grade 9.

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