Teaching research groups in China

Yudong Yang has written an interesting article that was recently published online in ZDM. The article has been entitled How a Chinese teacher improved classroom teaching in Teaching Research Group: a case study on Pythagoras theorem teaching in Shanghai. The Teaching Research Group system seems to be somewhat similar to the Japanese Lesson Study approach, and I find this very interesting. Here is the article abstract:

In China, a school-based teaching research system was built since 1952 and Teaching Research Group (TRG) exists in every school. In the paper, a teacher’s three lessons and the changes in each lesson were described, which might show a track of how lessons were continuously developed in TRG. The Mathematical Tasks Framework, The Task Analysis Guide, and Factors Associated with the Maintenance and the Decline of High-level Cognitive Demands developed in the Quantitative Understanding: Amplifying Student Achievement and Reasoning project (Stein and Smith in Math Teach Middle School 3(4):268–275, 1998; Stein et al. in Implementing stardards-based mathematics instruction. Teachers College Press, NY, pp. 1–33, 2000), were employed in this study. Based on the perspective of Mathematical Task Analysis, changes of three lessons were described and the author provided a snapshot for understanding how a Chinese teacher gradually improved his/her lessons in TRG activities.

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