Supervision of teachers

Göta Eriksson has written an article that was recently published online in The Journal of Mathematical Behavior. The article is entitled Supervision of teachers based on adjusted arithmetic learning in special education. Here is the abstract:

This article reports on 20 children’s learning in arithmetic after teaching was adjusted to their conceptual development. The report covers periods from three months up to three terms in an ongoing intervention study of teachers and children in schools for the intellectually disabled and of remedial teaching in regular schools. The researcher classified each child’s current counting scheme before and after each term. Recurrent supervision, aiming to facilitate the teachers’ modelling of their children’s various conceptual levels and needs of learning, was conducted by the researcher. The teaching content in harmony with each child’s ability was discussed with the teachers. This approach gives the teachers the opportunity to experience the children’s own operational ways of solving problems. At the supervision meetings, the teachers theorized their practice together with the researcher, ending up with consistent models of the arithmetic of the child. So far, the children’s and the teachers’ learning patterns are promising.

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