Mathematics teachers’ practices and thinking

Yeping Li, Xi Chen and Gerald Kulm have written an article called Mathematics teachers’ practices and thinking in lesson plan development: a case of teaching fraction division. The article was recently published online in ZDM. Here is their article abstract:

In this study, we aimed to examine mathematics teachers’ daily lesson plans and associated practices and thinking in lesson plan development. By focusing on teachers’ preparation for teaching fraction division, we collected and analyzed a sequence of four lesson plans from each of six mathematics teachers in six different elementary schools in China. Interviews with these teachers were also analyzed to support the lesson plan analysis and reveal teachers’ thinking behind their practices. The results show that Chinese teachers placed a great consideration on several aspects of lesson planning, including content, process, and their students’ learning. Teachers’ lesson plans were similar in terms of some broad features, but differed in details and specific approaches used. While the textbook’s influence was clearly evident in these teachers’ lesson plans, lesson planning itself was an important process for Chinese teachers to transform textbook content into a script unique to different teachers and their students. Implications obtained from Chinese teachers’ lesson planning practices and their thinking are then discussed in a broad context.

On a side note, I should also mention that Douglas L. Corey made an interesting presentation about Japanese Conceptions of High-Quality Mathematics Instruction at AERA today, and his focus was very much on the Japanese teachers’ use of lesson plan.

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