Mathematics education in the early years

Glenda Anthony and Margaret Walshaw (both from New Zealand) have written an article entitled Mathematics Education in the Early Years: building bridges. This article was published in the latest issue of Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood. Here is the abstract of their article:

Aligned with the enhanced international commitment to early childhood education, recognition of the importance of providing young children with opportunities to develop mathematical understandings and skills is increasing. While there is much research about effective mathematics pedagogy in the school sector, less research activity is evident within the early childhood sector. Focused on people, relationships and the learning environment, this article draws on a synthesis of research on effective pedagogical practices to describe effective learning communities that can enhance the development of young children’s mathematical identities and competencies. Concerned that the wider synthesis noted limited cross-sector collaboration within the mathematics education community, this article aims to act as a bridge for researchers currently working within the preschool and school sectors. The authors argue that understandings of effective pedagogies that enhance young children’s mathematics learning will benefit from more cross-sector research studies.

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