Exploration of technologies

Paulus Gerdes has written an article called Exploration of technologies, emerging from African cultural practices, in mathematics (teacher) education. This article was recently published online in ZDM. In this article, Gerdes provides an interesting overview of how the cultural practices of African mathematics (teacher) education has developed, and he makes a seemingly (to me) impossible connection between traditional basket weaving and exploration of technologies.

Here is the abstract of the article:

The study at teacher education institutions in Africa of mathematical ideas, from African history and cultures, may broaden the horizon of (future) mathematics teachers and increase their socio-cultural self-confidence and awareness. Exploring educationally mathematical ideas embedded in, and derived from, technologies of various African cultural practices may contribute to bridge the gap between ‘home’ and ‘school’ culture. Examples of the study and exploration of these technologies and cultural practices will be presented. The examples come from cultural practices as varied as story telling, basket making, salt production, and mat, trap and hat weaving.

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