Developing school mathematics textbooks in China

Yeping li, Jianyue Zhang and Tingting Ma have written an article entitled Approaches and practices in developing school mathematics textbooks in China. This article was published online in ZDM a couple of days ago. This article gives a very interesting overview of how Chinese textbooks are developed, but it also provides nice insights into how mathematics teaching has developed (or is developing) in China. Here is the abstract of this article:

In this study, we aim to examine and discuss approaches and practices in developing mathematics textbooks in China, with a special focus on the development of secondary school mathematics textbook in the context of recent school mathematics reform. Textbook development in China has its own history. This study reveals some common practices and approaches developed and used in selecting, presenting and organizing content in mathematics textbooks over the years. With the recent curriculum reform taking place in China, we also discuss some new developments in compiling and publishing high school mathematics textbooks. Implications obtained from Chinese practices in textbook development are then discussed in a broad context.

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