Multiple solution methods and multiple outcomes

Pessia Tsamir, Dina Tirosh, Michal Tabach and Esther Levenson have written an article about Multiple solution methods and multiple outcomes—is it a task for kindergarten children? This article was recently published online in Educational Studies in Mathematics. Here is a copy of their article abstract:

Engaging students with multiple solution problems is considered good practice. Solutions to problems consist of the outcomes of the problem as well as the methods employed to reach these outcomes. In this study we analyze the results obtained from two groups of kindergarten children who engaged in one task, the Create an Equal Number Task. This task had five possible outcomes and five different methods which may be employed in reaching these outcomes. Children, whose teachers had attended the program Starting Right: Mathematics in Kindergartens, found more outcomes and employed more methods than children whose teachers did not attend this program. Results suggest that the habit of mind of searching for more than one outcome and employing more than one method may be promoted in kindergarten.

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