Using live, online tutoring

Richard Lissaman, Sue de Pomerai and Sharon Tripconey have written an article that was recently published online in Teaching Mathematics and its Applications. The article is entitled Using live, online tutoring to inspire post 16 students to engage with higher level mathematics, and here is a copy of the article’s abstract:

In recent years, there has been a decline in the number of students aged 16–18 studying and being able to access higher level mathematics in schools in the UK. The Further Mathematics Network (FMN) was set up to enable access to such mathematics to all students and to promote and encourage students to study at this level. The FMN has pioneered the use of Elluminate, a well established web-based package, for live mathematics tutoring. Small groups of students meet online with an experienced tutor to learn new aspects of mathematics and to look at ways to solve complex problems. There are also extensive online resources to support the students’ learning. The findings are discussed in the following article.

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