Summer updates on the major journals

The summer holidays  are definitely over, and it is time to provide an update on what has happened in some of the major journals in the field during summer! 

First in line is the Journal of Mathematics Teacher Education. They have released an August issue, and this issue contains five articles:

  • Mathematically based and practically based explanations in the elementary school: teachers’ preferences, by Esther Levenson, Pessia Tsamir and Dina Tirosh
  • Teacher lust: reconstructing the construct for mathematics instruction, by  Andrew M. Tyminski
  • Teachers’ conceptions of representation in middle school mathematics, by Despina A. Stylianou
  • Teachers’ self-representations in teaching mathematics, by O. Chapman
  • The organization of the mathematics preparation and development of teachers: a report from the ICMI Study 15, by Maria Teresa Tatto, Stephen Lerman and, by Jarmila Novotna

Educational Studies in Mathematics does not have an August issue (next issue is the September issue), but the July issue is out, and this  one also contains five interesting articles:

  • What mathematics do teachers with contrasting teaching approaches address in probability lessons? by Ruhama Even and Tova Kvatinsky
  • Drawing space: mathematicians’ kinetic conceptions of eigenvectors, by Nathalie Sinclair and Shiva Gol Tabaghi
  • Focal event, contextualization, and effective communication in the mathematics classroom, by Per Nilsson and Andreas Ryve
  • Zooming in on infinitesimal 1–.9.. in a post-triumvirate era, by Karin Usadi Katz and Mikhail G. Katz
  • Mathematical practices in a technological workplace: the role of tools, by Chrissavgi Triantafillou and Despina Potari

Next in line is Mathematical Thinking and Learning. Their issue 3 (of 4 annual issues) is out, containing two articles and two book reviews:

  • Teaching for Abstraction: A Model, by Paul White and Michael C. Mitchelmore 
  • A Local Instruction Theory for the Development of Number Sense, by Susan D. Nickerson and Ian Whitacre 

NCTM’s Journal for Research in Mathematics Education has also released a July issue, and this issue contains the following articles (along with a book review):

  • RESEARCH COMMENTARY: Toward Clarifying the Meanings of Gender in Mathematics Education Research, by Suzanne Damarin and Diana B. Erchick
  • The Nature of Arguments Provided by College Geometry Students With Access to Technology While Solving Problems, by Karen F. Hollebrands, AnnaMarie Conner and Ryan C. Smith
  • Enacting Proof-Related Tasks in Middle School Mathematics: Challenges and Opportunities, by Kristen N. Bieda
  • One Hundred Years of Elementary School Mathematics in the United States: A Content Analysis and Cognitive Assessment of Textbooks From 1900 to 2000, by David Baker, Hilary Knipe, John Collins, Juan Leon, Eric Cummings, Clancy Blair and David Gamson

Last but not least, The Journal of Mathematical Behavior has released a June issue containing the following articles:

  • Defining as a mathematical activity: A framework for characterizing progress from informal to more formal ways of reasoning, by Michelle Zandieh, Chris Rasmussen
  • A task that elicits reasoning: A dual analysis, by Dina Yankelewitz, Mary Mueller, Carolyn A. Maher
  • Are beliefs believable? An investigation of college students’ epistemological beliefs and behavior in mathematics, by Po-Hung Liu
  • Collegiate mathematics teaching: An unexamined practice, by Natasha M. Speer, John P. Smith III, Aladar Horvath

So, this should give you enough ideas for articles to catch up with before I start giving more updates on all the new articles that continuously get published within the field of mathematics education research 🙂

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