“Who reads all this stuff, Dad?”

A couple of days ago, I shared with you news about the forthcoming issue of The Montana Mathematics Enthusiast. The main editor of this journal, my good friend Professor Bharath Sriraman, has been kind enough to allow me to share the editorial of this next issue with you all here on my blog. In this editorial, he brings up an interesting, important, and thought provoking discussion about scientific publishing. Enjoy reading it!

2 thoughts on ““Who reads all this stuff, Dad?”

  1. * raises hand *

    Since the topic was “Who reads all this stuff?” I thought I should acknowledge that I read this editorial. Whenever I read education research, my usual question is, “Who was this primarily written for? Who is the intended audience?” Sometimes I wonder how much is written just for other researchers, and how much is written with classroom teachers in mind.

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