New issue of TMME soon to appear

Readers of this blog are probably familiar with The Montana Mathematics Enthusiast already. TMME is an international peer-reviewed journal with a main focus on mathematics education research. The journal has both print and electronic versions. Over the past two years, the main editor of the journal, Professor Bharath Sriraman, has been kind enough to let me print information about new issues (along with his editorials) here before they are printed. This tradition continues, and I am now happy to announce the next issue of TMME, which is going to be a huge double-issue: volume 8, Numbers 1 & 2. Here is a brief overview of the contents of this forthcoming issue

0.      Editorial: Opening 2011’s  journal treasure chest, by Bharath Sriraman (Montana, USA)
1.      Vignette of Doing Mathematics:  A Meta-cognitive Tour of the Production of Some Elementary Mathematics, by Hyman Bass (USA)
2.      Mathematical Intuition (Poincare, Polya, Dewey), by Reuben Hersh (USA)
3.      Transcriptions, Mathematical Cognition, and Epistemology, by Wolff-Michael Roth & Alfredo Bautista (Canada)
4.      Seeking more than nothing: Two elementary teachers conceptions of zero, by Gale Russell & Egan J Chernoff  (Canada)
5.      Revisiting Tatjana Ehrenfest-Afanassjewa’s (1931) “Uebungensammlung zu einer geometrischen Propädeuse”: A Translation and Interpretation, by Klaus Hoechsmann (Canada)
6.      Problem-Based Learning in Mathematics, by Thomas C. O’Brien (posthumously),Chris Wallach, Carla Mash-Duncan (USA)
Special Section: New perspectives on identification and fostering mathematically gifted students: matching research and practice
Guest Editors: Viktor Freiman (Canada) & Ali Rejali (Iran)
7.      New perspectives on identification and fostering mathematically gifted students: matching research and practice, by Viktor Freiman  (Canada) & Ali Rejali (Iran)
8.      The education of mathematically gifted students: Some complexities and questions, by Roza Leikin (Israel)
9.      Historical perspectives on a program for mathematically talented students, by Harvey B. Keynes and Jonathan Rogness (USA)
10.  The proficiency challenge: An action research program on teaching of gifted math students in grades 1-9, by Arne Mogensen (Denmark)
11.  Designing and teaching an elementary school enrichment program: What the students were taught and what I learned, by Angela M. Smart (Canada)
12.  An overview of the gifted education portfolio for the John Templeton Foundation, by Mark Saul (USA)
13.  Prospective teachers’ conceptions about teaching mathematically talented students: Comparative examples from Canada and Israel, by Mark Applebaum (Israel), Viktor Freiman (Canada), Roza Leikin (Israel)
14.  Mathematical and Didactical Enrichment for Pre-service Teachers: Mentoring Online Problem Solving in the CASMI project, by Manon LeBlanc & Viktor Freiman (Canada)
15.  Gifted Students and Advanced Mathematics, by Edward J. Barbeau (Canada)
16.  Disrupting gifted teenager’s mathematical identity with epistemological messiness, by Paul Betts & Laura McMaster (Canada)
17.  The promise of interconnecting problems for enriching students’ experiences in mathematics, by Margo Kondratieva (Canada)
18.  Creativity assessment in school settings through problem posing tasks, by Ildikó Pelczer & Fernando Gamboa Rodríguez(Mexico)

Below is the editorial for you to read:

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