Want to join the community?

Since early 2008, I have used this blog as well as my twitter account to communicate things related to research in mathematics education. I started doing this mostly for myself, because I wanted a place to write about new articles, journal issues, conferences etc. from my field. I did this for myself, because when I wrote about it in my blog (or on twitter), there was a bigger chance that I would remember it. It also forced me to use English frequently, since this is not my mother tongue (it is, however, the main language in which I write most of my own academic publications).

Quite early on, I was surprised to learn that lots of people from all over the world was interested in what I did. So, what I was trying to do (aside from the personal aspects of it), with the blog as well as my twitter account, was obviously appreciated by many. It appeared then, that there was a need for somewhere you can go to learn about new things that happen within such a limited field of research as mathematics education.

The last couple of years, I have spent more and more time doing this on twitter, and less time communicating this on my blog. I don’t plan on abandoning neither my blog nor my twitter account, but I have started experimenting with Google+, and I now want to invite you all to join me in a collaborative effort to do what I have been trying to do – but now collaboratively (and presumably better)!

I have created a so-called “community” on Google+, called “Mathematics education research“, and I hereby invite you all to join me! My hope is that we can use this as a tool to communicate and discuss new articles, journal issues, etc. in the field of mathematics education research.

5 thoughts on “Want to join the community?

  1. I really value what you offer, but I don’t have time for either Twitter or Google+. I hope you’ll continue to post here.

  2. Please consider using the Mathematics Teaching Community (MTC) https://mathematicsteachingcommunity.math.uga.edu for this purpose! It was started as a place for information about math teaching to be shared and further developed. Tags allow people to search for topics and voting allows the community to vet postings. I strongly believe also that we need to connect across all levels of math (PreK through college!) because each level impacts the others. I truly believe all of us can learn from each other. Also, postings on the MTC can refer to blogs such as this.

    • Thanks for your suggestion, Sybilla! I didn’t know about the Mathematics Teaching Community, and it seems like a good idea. What I have in mind, however, is something a little bit different I think. I want to create a place for people who are involved with research in mathematics education (not only mathematics teaching). I think this is different, and I think there is indeed room for at least two such “communities”. I also want to try out Google+ in particular for this purpose. But thanks anyway, and good luck with your work on the Mathematics Teaching Community!

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