Special issue in Journal für Mathematik-Didaktik

Journal für Mathematik-Didaktik had a special issue on early childhood mathematics teaching and learning in their latest issue. In addition to the editorial by Andrea Peter-Koop and Petra Scherer, the issue included the following articles:

  • Fostering Early Mathematical Competencies in Natural Learning Situations—Foundation and Challenges of a Competence-Oriented Concept of Mathematics
    Education in Kindergarten, by Hedwig Gasteiger 
  • Attitudes of Kindergarten Educators about Math, by Christiane Benz 
  • Non-numerical and Numerical Understanding of the Part-Whole Concept of Children Aged 4 to 8 in Word Problems, by Petra Langhorst, Antje Ehlert, Annemarie
  • Young Children’s Structure Sense, by Miriam M. Lüken 
  • First-Graders’ Development of Calculation Strategies: How Deriving Facts Helps Automatize Facts, by Michael Gaidoschik
  • The “Non-canonical” Solution and the “Improvisation” as Conditions for Early Years Mathematics Learning Processes: The Concept of the “Interactional
    Niche in the Development of Mathematical Thinking“ (NMT), by Götz Krummheuer
Whereas most issues in this journal feature articles in German, this special issue includes articles in English only, which is nice for those who are not German-speaking. 

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