New special issue of The Mathematics Enthusiast

The Mathematics Enthusiast is an eclectic peer-reviewed journal on mathematics (education). The journal has an open access policy, and all articles are available online for free! Recently, a new issue of the journal was published, and this is a special issue on “The 2010 Banff Workshop on Teachers as Stakeholders in Mathematics Education Research“. This special issues contains ten interesting articles written by prominent mathematics education researchers like Alan Schoenfeld, Konrad Krainer, Kim Beswick and Peter Liljedahl (to mention a few).

The 2010 Banff workshop was chaired by Günther Törner and Bharath Sriraman (see their interesting article to learn more about the background and focus of the workshop!).  A key issue in the discussions at this workshop was “whether or not teachers were viewed as stakeholders in the burgeoning body of reported research” (p. 1). With this as a starting point, six issues were discussed in relation to:

  1. Interest in mathematics education research
  2. Trust/distrust among researchers and teachers
  3. (De)professionalization of teachers
  4. Acceptance of mathematics education researchers
  5. Terminology concerning professional growth of teachers
  6. How the relationship between the two groups can help improve learning and teaching of mathematics

The other articles in the special issue discuss different aspects regarding these issues, and they are all well worth reading – at least so I think 🙂

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