New book on Asian research in mathematics education

A couple of years ago, in 2010, Professor Bharath Sriraman edited “The First Sourcebook on Nordic Research in Mathematics Education” along with five researchers from the Nordic countries. This became a monumental book, and I was happy to contribute with a chapter. Now, professor Sriraman has recently finished what turns out to be an equally monumental piece of work: “The First Sourcebook on Asian Research in Mathematics Education“. This impressive book includes a total of 79 (!) chapters with contributions from mathematics education researchers from China, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and India. The publishers suggest that: “the book will serve as a standard reference for mathematics education researchers, policy makers, practitioners and students both in and outside Asia, and complement the Nordic and NCTM perspectives”, and I believe they will be right about this. The chapters cover a wide range of topics in mathematics education, and the book presents comprehensive insights into research from this part of the world—both with a contemporary and historical perspective. Definitely a book to put on the wish list for anyone interested in mathematics education research!  

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