Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, April 2008

The April issue of Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School has arrived, and it presents the following articles:

By Way of Introduction: Developing Mathematical Understanding through Representations

Developing Mathematical Understanding through Multiple Representations
by Preety N. Tripathi (free preview article)

Promoting Mathematics Accessibility through Multiple Representations Jigsaws
by Wendy Pelletier Cleaves

Oranges, Posters, Ribbons, and Lemonade: Concrete Computational Strategies for Dividing Fractions
by Christopher M. Kribs-Zaleta

Student Representations at the Center: Promoting Classroom Equity
by Kara Louise Imm, Despina A. Stylianou and Nabin Chae

Analyzing Students’ Use of Graphic Representations: Determining Misconceptions and Error Patterns for Instruction
by Amy Scheuermann and Delinda van Garderen

Developing Meaning for Algebraic Symbols: Possibilities and Pitfalls
by John K. Lannin, Brian E. Townsend, Nathan Armer, Savanna Green and Jessica Schneider

Sense-able Combinatorics: Students’ Use of Personal Representations
by Lynn D. Tarlow

The Role of Representations in Fraction Addition and Subtraction
by Kathleen Cramer, Terry Wyberg and Seth Leavitt

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