JRME, May 2008

The May issue of Journal for Research in Mathematics Education (JRME) has already arrived, and it contains the following articles:

ZPC and ZPD: Zones of Teaching and Learning

Anderson Norton and Beatriz S. D’Ambrosio

The Impact of Middle-Grades Mathematics Curricula and the Classroom Learning Environment on Student Achievement

James E. Tarr, Robert E. Reys, Barbara J. Reys, Óscar Chávez, Jeffrey Shih and Steven J. Osterlind

Learning to Use Fractions: Examining Middle School Students’ Emerging Fraction Literacy

Debra I. Johanning

The Linear Imperative: An Inventory and Conceptual Analysis of Students’ Overuse of Linearity

Wim Van Dooren, Dirk De Bock, Dirk Janssens and Lieven Verschaffel

Teaching With Games of Chance: A Review of The Mathematics of Games and Gambling

Laurie Rubel

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