Mathematics learning and aesthetic production

Herbert Gerstberger has written an interesting article about the connection between Mathematics learning and aesthetic production. In the article, he introduces several interesting aspects concerning aesthetics, arts, metaphor, semiotics, etc. The article was published online in ZDM, two days ago. Here is the article abstract:

Some teaching projects in which the learning of mathematics was combined with mainly theatrical productions are reported on. They are related and opposed to an approach of drama in education by Pesci and the proposals of Sinclair for mathematics teaching and beauty. The analysis is based on the distinction between aesthetics as related to beauty or as related to sensual perception. The usefulness of concepts of model and metaphor for the understanding of aesthetic representations of mathematical subject matter is examined. It is claimed that the Peircean concept of the interpretant contributes to a concise analytical approach. The pedagogical attitude is committed to a balanced relationship of scientific and aesthetic values.

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