Interdisciplinarity in mathematics education

Bharath Sriraman (the editor of The Montana Mathematics Enthusiast) has written the editorial to a forthcoming issue of ZDM. The leading idea of this special issue is that of interdisciplinarity, and Sriraman’s editorial is entitled: Interdisciplinarity in mathematics education: psychology, philosophy, aesthetics, modelling and curriculum. This special issue (ZDM, vol. 41, nos 1 and 2) will be a double issue with 22 articles! Sriraman presents some interesting numbers about the issue in his editorial, indicating that this is a somewhat special issue:

ZDM, vol 41, nos 1 and 2 = 3 International Symposia + 5 years of collaboration + 22 months of planning + 44 reviewers + 3 rounds of reviews, revisions, commentaries, re-revisions + 24 authors + 1 idiosyncratic guest editor + 1,123 e-mail communications = 22 articles.

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