Gestures as semiotic resources

Ferdinando Arzarello, Domingo Paola, Ornella Robutti and Cristina Sabena have written an article called Gestures as semiotic resources in the mathematics classroom. The article was published online in Educational Studies in Mathematics a while ago. Here is the abstract of their paper:

In this paper, we consider gestures as part of the resources activated in the mathematics classroom: speech, inscriptions, artifacts, etc. As such, gestures are seen as one of the semiotic tools used by students and teacher in mathematics teaching–learning. To analyze them, we introduce a suitable model, the semiotic bundle. It allows focusing on the relationships of gestures with the other semiotic resources within a multimodal approach. It also enables framing the mediating action of the teacher in the classroom: in this respect, we introduce the notion of semiotic game where gestures are one of the major ingredients.

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