Mathematics classrooms with immigrant students

Núria Gorgorió and Guida de Abreu have written an article that was published in Educational Studies in Mathematics on Tuesday. The article is entitled Social representations as mediators of practice in mathematics classrooms with immigrant students. Here is a copy of their abstract:

This article suggests that a critical perspective of the notion of social representations can offer useful insights into understanding practices of teaching and learning in mathematics classrooms with immigrant students. Drawing on literature using social representations, previous empirical studies are revisited to examine three specific questions: what are the dominant social representations that permeate the mathematics classroom with immigrant students? What impact do these social representations have on classroom practices? What are the spaces for changing these practices through becoming reflective and critically aware of these representations? These questions are addressed mostly in relation to teachers’ representations, though the article also draws on data from research with students and parents to illustrate the diversity of representations and to argue for a critical and reflective perspective.

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