TMME, January 2010 revisited

The January issue of The Montana Mathematics Enthusiast has now been released on the journal website. The entire issue is freely available as always!

0. New Year Tidings Bharath Sriraman (USA) pp. 1-2

1. When is .999… Less Than 1? Karin Usadi Katz and Mikhail G. Katz (Israel) pp. 3-30
2. High School Teachers use of Dynamic Software to generate serendipitous mathematical relations Manuel Santos-Trigo and Hugo Espinosa-Pérez (Mexico) pp. 31-46
3. Gender and Mathematics Education in Pakistan: A situation analysis Anjum Halai (Pakistan/Tanzania) pp. 47-62
4. Early Intervention in College Mathematics Courses: A Component of the STEM RRG Program Funded by the US Department of Education Rohitha Goonatilake and Eduardo Chappa (USA) pp. 63-74
5. “What Was Really Accomplished Today?”
Mathematics Content Specialists Observe a Class for Prospective K–8 Teachers
Andrew M. Tyminski, Sarah Ledford, Dennis Hembree (USA) pp. 75-92
6. Leading Learning within a PLC: Implementing New Mathematics Content Ann Heirdsfield, Janeen Lamb, Gayle Spry (Australia) pp. 93-112
7. Mathematical Reasoning in Service Courses: Why Students Need Mathematical Modeling Problems Kris H. Green & Allen Emerson (USA) pp. 113-140
8. Randomness: Developing an understanding of mathematical order. Steve Humble (UK) pp. 141-148
9. The Constructs of PhD Students about Infinity: An Application of Repertory Grids Serdar Aztekin, Ahmet Arikan (Turkey) & Bharath Sriraman (USA) pp. 149-174

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